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Was Muhammad Crazy?

  • De Frédéric Joy
  • Lu par  Synthèse vocale
  • Édité par Max Milo Editions
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  • 3h 13min
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Présentation du livre audio

Through a careful psychological re-reading of the Qur'an and other biographical sources about Muhammad, the author identifies the pathological symptoms of the prophet of Islam. His diagnosis is unambiguous: the man suffered from a querulous paranoia with dissociative identity disorder. The author shows that Mohammed identified himself with previous prophets (Jesus and Moses in particular), whom he plagiarized. Adapting their words and deeds to the culture of the Arab world, he imposed these new doctrines on his people primarily through direct aggression and political manipulation. Yet, Islam was phenomenally successful during his lifetime and over the centuries. At this point, another question arises: How did Muhammad manage to convince the masses? The author then analyzes the personality of the submissive people and the success of this religion through the centuries. The author also deconstructs all the scientific and philosophical presuppositions behind the Muslim religion (cosmology, biology, psychology, etc.). Muhammad's moral and political discourse is confronted with its own contradictions.

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  • Éditeur : Max Milo Editions
  • Réalisation : Voix seule
  • Date de production : 2024
  • Langue des sources audio : Français
  • EAN : 9782315018901

Was Muhammad Crazy?
  • De Frédéric Joy
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