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The Navalny case. Conspiration to serve foreign policy

  • De Jacques Baud
  • Lu par  Synthèse vocale
  • Édité par Max Milo Editions
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  • 2h 33min
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Présentation du livre audio

Was Navalny deliberately poisoned ? Does the evidence we have justify sanctions against Russia? Was the recording with the KGB agent a set-up? Is Navalny really the "main opponent of Vladimir Putin"? 

Does his film about "Putin's Palace" reflect reality ? This book is the first investigation of the Navalny case. It is based on official American, British, Russian, French and German documents. Written by an ex-agent of the Swiss secret service who fought for ten years against the Soviet Union, this account highlights a new way of practicing foreign policy: passionate, disordered, without hindsight or constructive purpose. The immediate application of sanctions while the facts remain unclear removes all space for diplomacy. The Western unison around this affair and the censorship against dissenting voices reveal a disturbing evolution of society and its growing vulnerability to manipulation. We create realities out of our prejudices: this is the definition of conspiracy, which has become the main weapon of Western countries. We do what we reproach the autocrats for. Jacques Baud, a colonel in the Swiss army, is an expert in chemical and nuclear weapons, and trained in counter-terrorism and counter-guerrilla warfare. In the service of the United Nations, he was head of doctrine for peacekeeping operations in New York, and engaged in Africa. At NATO, he led the fight against the proliferation of small arms. 

This audiobook is read by a synthesized voice.

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  • Éditeur : Max Milo Editions
  • Réalisation : Voix seule
  • Date de production : 2024
  • Langue des sources audio : Français
  • EAN : 9782315018994

The Navalny case. Conspiration to serve foreign policy
  • De Jacques Baud
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